Welcome to season 2023

Welcome to the Warrnambool and District Football Netball League 2023 Home and Away season. I trust that you and your families have enjoyed the off season and ready to play. It is with great pleasure to table my fourth Round 1 report as WDFNL President. It was great that we could have a full season with finals after the last 2 years with Covid stopping the football and netball. Firstly, we cannot survive without our volunteers, members, sponsors and supporters, and our dedicated committees, it’s a huge thank you to all of you.

Introducing the WDFNL Board this year – Georgia Harrison, Damon Harrison, Colin McLaren, Veronica Cannon and Donna Ellis. Last year Scott Coverdale and Clare Dunn stepped down after many years and I thank them for their time. Thanks to my board for their help during last year and to make sure that the League operates in a professional way. To Veronica and the Netball Sub-committee, for the work that you did last season and wish you all the best this 2023 season.

Congratulations Club Presidents and your committee members on the hard work that you do in the off season, in getting your plans started for the 2023 season. Good Luck. The League Sponsors, I would like to say thank you for your support in the past year and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you well into the future. Peter Martin and Keith Whitford: Without your work the season would not be able to run. AFLWD Jason Muldoon your support last year was greatly appreciated and look forward to working with you this year.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone who took home awards at the Junior and Senior Presentation Nights. Well done on your achievements. It was certainly great to be back together in one room but to also have the online presentations done by FITZMEDIA, it was fantastic and I thank them for their time and effort putting it together. Wasn’t it great to have finals back? The atmosphere with crowds was amazing. To the clubs that participated in the finals and who became the 2022 Premiers a big Congratulations! Well done to our junior netballers who took part in the local Western Region Netball Championships. The league was represented at 17 & under, 15 & Under and 13 & Under level. Thank you coaches, primary carers, and support staff for your support of the league’s junior netballer’s.

I take this time to also thank the WDFUA, Panel Netball umpires, Club football/netball umpires for their support to the league throughout the season and we wish you all the best this year. Most importantly, please continue to stay safe and look after yourself and your club members.

I wish you all the best for Round 1. See you all during the season.


Kylie Murphy

WDFNL President