Football Premiers Reserves

Reserves Premiers & Runners Up

YearPremiersScoreRunners UpScore
1980West End Allansford South Rovers 
1981West End Allansford Dennington 
1982West End Allansford Dennington 
1983Dennington West End Allansford 
1984Old Collegians Merrivale 
1985South Rovers Dennington 
1986West End Allansford Russells Creek 
1987Russells Creek                   11-8-74Old Collegians 9-5-59
1988South Rovers  Russells Creek 
1989West End Allansford Old Collegians 
1990Russells Creek Northern Districts 
1991West End Allansford East Warrnambool 
1992Russells Creek Old Collegians 
1993Old Collegians South Rovers 
1994Old Collegians Merrivale 
1995Old Collegians Merrivale 
1996Merrivale South Rovers 
1997South Rovers Merrivale 
1998Merrivale South Rovers 
1999South Rovers Deakin University 
2000South Rovers Deakin University 
2001Deakin University Panmure 
2002Panmure Merrivale 
2003Merrivale South Rovers 
2004Allansford Old Collegians 
2005Old Collegians Timboon Demons 
2006Merrivale    Old Collegians 
2007Merrivale Timboon Demons 
2008 Merrivale Allansford          
2009Kolora-Noorat 10-7-67Timboon Demons4-8-32
2010Merrivale 6-6-42Kolora-Noorat 4-2-26
2011South Rovers6-11-47Kolora-Noorat2-8-20
2017Old Collegians4-8-32Merrivale3-7-25
2018South Rovers6-12-48Nirranda2-6-18
2019Old Collegians6-3-39Merrivale1-4-10
2020No games played due to COVID-19 
2021No Finals played due to COVID-19 
2022Nirranda7-10=52South Rovers2-4=16